Part 1: Persona

You have been called into action and you are on the front lines.

A mysterious hacker group has infiltrated military installation systems, located valuable cyber case, and hijacked them. You have been called in to find out who they are, what their plans are, and why they want these weapons.

Are you ready to join the team?


Being a Section 9 member is all about taking risks and going against the odds. With our new Cyberbrain Crate system, winning something glorious from the 100’s of items available, is as easy as rolling a dice.


Everyone likes options, well now you have virtually millions.

A new paint system is being introduced in FIRST CONNECTION - PERSONA that you can access in the shop. With it, you can paint your guns in assorted combinations and even add decals. You are only limited by your imagination.

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The Districts Ruins have been the seedier part of the Niihama Refugee Residential District. Long before the war. Gun Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Illegal Cybernetic Modifying, its all here. The hacker group has hidden their plans and the crates here...FIND THEM and destroy the enemy.

Map preview

updates / bug fixes


  • Cyber Crate System

    The Cyber Crates are random reward boxes that can be purchased with NX or earned through events. With hundreds of items to help customize your operative and weapons, you will be able to enhance your persona with new and never before seen cosmetics. Cyber Crates reward cosmetics such as weapon skins, operative skins, paints, stickers, name cards, emblems, and more.

  • Memory Cell (MC) Shop

    With the Cyber Crate system, we’re introducing the Memory Cell (MC) Shop. MC is currency that you can receive through events or through duplicated items that are received in Cyber Crates. Head to the MC shop today to view the items that are available for purchase!


  • District Ruins – Terminal Conquest

    We’ve heard our community’s feedback about wanting our maps to feel more in tune with the Ghost in the Shell universe. We’re starting with a well-loved map, one of First Assault’s oldest and most played maps of all time – welcome to the revamped District Ruins. We’ve updated the entire map to feel grittier, with more ruins and inspiration taken from the anime series. Dive in and let us know what you think of the new District Ruins.



    Chambered for 6x35mm rounds, this weapon features superior penetration and reliability thanks to its extended barrel.

  • AR: KHX-160

    A redesign of a larger rifle, the KHX-160 offers the damage and accuracy of a rifle contained in a smaller, more versitile package.