Exceed the limits of mortality as you augment your evolved human shell with cutting edge technology engineered to kill. Fight as one of several distinctive operatives, each with a unique cyber skill ranging from heat seeking drones and deployable turrets, to therm-optic camouflage and infra-red vision.


Strategically share your unique skills with teammates in order to turn the tide of battle in your favor. SkillSync enables smart combat with advanced battlefield tactics evolving the tactical shooter experience to a futuristic stage of warfare.

Mankind is Hackable

It’s 2030 and the citizens of Japan are under attack from sinister cyber terrorists attempting to corrupt society. Join Section 9 and explore a dystopian world inspired by “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, the critically acclaimed series based on the franchise that launched the Cyberpunk genre, paving the way for several major sci-fi blockbusters.
A battle-hardened special operative with a long military career and a heavily cyberized body. Though he looks imposing, he is known for his warm heart and sense of humor.

Cyber Skill: Arm Launcher
Equipped with prosthetic eyes like Batou, he is an expert on cyberbrain warfare and explosives. His quiet demeanor belies a great intellect.

Cyber Skill: Nano Gel-Armor
A cyberbrain warfare expert with extensive military experience. As the oldest member of Section 9, he has a calm disposition in the worst of circumstances.

Cyber Skill: Cyber Sentry
A combat specialist who proved herself to be a lethal operative during the conflicts in South America. She has a fiery temper and the skills to match.

Cyber Skill: Therm-Optic Barrier
Major Motoko Kusanagi is the cool-headed leader of Section 9’s field operations. She is one of the most heavily cyberized members of the team and one of the world’s best cyberbrain combatants.

Cyber Skill: Therm-Optic Camo
Rumored to have been a powerful member of the Japanese mafia. He has an excellent mind for ambush tactics and is lethal at close range with a knife.

Cyber Skill: Hyper Sprint
Section 9’s resident sniper is an exceptional crack-shot with very few implants, chief of which is his satellite-connected ocular system: The Hawkeye.

Cyber Skill: Heat Sensor
The youngest member of Section 9 and the only family man. The Major recruited him for his excellent detective work and his lack of cyberization. He has a strong love for vintage items, preferring a Mateba revolver over more modern side arms.

Cyber Skill: Seeker Drone